Tomasz Sęk

Tomasz Sęk

Company: DEMECO Sp. z o.o.

Position: Chairman of the Board

Tomasz Sęk, entrepreneur, owner, founder and president of the board of the innovative technology company DEMECO Sp. z o.o. The company's flagship project is the development and implementation of ZEROemisial biofuels of the second generation - a dimethyl bio ether (bioDME II G) produced from biomass. Through these activities, they are able to develop, among others 100% biodegradable waste and at the same time significantly eliminate SMOG, CO2 and reduce the factors affecting global warming and poor air quality.

  • A special feature of bioDME as a biofuel from biomass is its ZEROEMISION in terms of CO2, SOx, PM 2.5 and PM 10 (SMOG),
  • A special feature of using bioDME as fuel is, for example, the possibility of its use as an advanced II G biofuel in diesel engines (Diesel), eliminating SMOG, CO2 and SOx,
  • A special feature of bioDME production from bio-waste is the possibility of using in the production process as raw materials in 100% CO2 and CH4

He has over twenty years of experience in managing enterprises and projects in the B2B services industry, environmental protection and RES.
He is also a shareholder and member of the management board at ENERGIA 3000 Sp. z o.o., ATOS ENERGIA Sp. z o.o. and PRIMECO S.A.
In PRIMECO S.A., he carried out an innovative project of growing microalgae for energy purposes using products such as waste CO2 and digestate from agricultural biogas plants as substrates for growing algae. For this project, as part of the Entrepreneurship Forum competition, he received the distinction and statuette of the "Polish Innovation Award 2015". The plans (based on the appropriate strains of algae) also have the production of third generation biofuels, dietary supplements and astaxanthin called the elixir of youth - the natural most effective antioxidant - the strongest antioxidant.
He also conducted research and operation of steam microturbines in the use of waste heat from a generator set.
Enthusiast of projects in the field of new technologies.

Participates in the sessions:

  • Innovations for climate


    Innovations for climate

    • Corporate strategies in the light of regulatory requirements. A time of green investment projects
    • Examples of innovative solutions – and their actual and potential impact on the environment
    • The degree of utilisation of ecofriendly, low-carbon and zero-carbon technologies
    • Co-operation between science, business and administration for climate innovation. How to effectively support creativity?

    Innovations for climate


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